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  2. Logo for Uniform Construction Code for New Jersey
  3. RTMU- New Water Bill

    Rockaway Township Municipal Utility - Improved Water Bills

    The Rockaway Township Municipal Utility announces new and improved water bills Read on...
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  5. FEMA-1
  6. Rockawaytwp Logo 4C

    2018 Township of Rockaway Municipal Budget Presentation

    Attached is a copy of the budget presentation presented at the 2/22/18 Rockaway Township Council meeting. Presentation
  7. Academy-4
  8. Jersey Central Power and Light Logo
  9. Rutgers_athletics_logo[1]

    Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Clinic for the 2018 Spring Recreation Season

    Are you considering coaching in a Rockaway Township Sports progam? All coaches are required to attend this one-time training prior to participating. Read on...
  10. ala

    Freedom From Smoking

    Join this eight-week smoking cessation program, conveniently ehld in Rockaway Township. Hundreds of thousands have quit through a Freedom From Smoking Group Clinic, which offers a structured, systematic approach to becoming smoke free. Read on...
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