Ordinances, Signage & Education

Many communities have "pooper-scooper" laws that govern pet waste cleanup. Some of these laws specifically require anyone who walks an animal off of their property to carry a bag, shovel, or scooper. Any waste left by the animal must be cleaned up immediately. Call your local health officer to find out more about pet waste regulations.

In recreation areas, trails, and public parks, ‘scooper signage’ along with plastic bag dispensers and disposal cans should be provided. This idea is especially critical at streamside or lake shore walking trails.

Educating the Public
Public education is critical when addressing the pet waste problem. Interestingly, much of the public thinks of problems associated with pet waste as being only nuisance related-odors or aesthetics. An actual example of this is the woman walking her dog in the park who had brought along a brown paper bag to collect the 150 pound mastiff’s waste. This she indeed dutifully did, and then proceeded to dispose of the bag by…. tossing it into the lake!

Ways to Reach Out to the Public
Brochures, newsletters, signage, local public service announcements, and evening seminars are all ways to get the word out to the public. One very effective way to reach people is to have a flyer enclosed in tax bills or other municipally-generated mailings that go to all property owners.