RTMAC Sponsored Programs
Rockaway Township Municipal Alliance Committee (RTMAC) is continuing to provide programs that help to prevent substance abuse in Rockaway Township. The following are some of the programs we have recently sponsored.
  • Adult Yoga and Tai Chi classes.
  • Adult Wellness Program which includes various exercise classes, educational programs and “I Make Positive Choices” get-togethers.
  • Library programs for Rockaway Township youth such as a science show, cake decorating, and arts and crafts.
  • Community movie night at the Park Lake Gazebo.
  • Elementary school character building and anti-bullying programs and assemblies. After school clubs and programs.
  • Teen-age camp, programs, activities and trainings.
  • Copeland Middle School Friday night activities and anti-bullying programs such as “Rachel’s Challenge”.
  • Peer leadership programs for Morris Knolls and Morris Hills High Schools.
  • Activities and trainings for college-age students.
  • Community service at hospitals, nursing homes and soccer Challenger League.
  • Training for local professionals.

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