The Municipal Court has jurisdiction over violations of motor vehicles and traffic laws, fish and game laws, forest and park laws, disorderly persons offenses, township ordinance violations, and waived indictable offenses. The County's offices of weights and measures ensures that food stores, department stores, gas stations, etc. have proper scales and that equipment is weighed properly.

Municipal Court Personnel

A Municipal Court Judge presides over court. He is appointed by the Township Council for a 3 year term, and is assisted by the Court Administrator. Local Officials are aided by the Municipal Prosecutor. There is also a Public Defender who acts on behalf of any defendant unable to afford counsel.


The operations of the Municipal Court protect residents, property, and the unique way of life characteristic of our community.


The Court is required to be "on call" 24 hours a day in order to accommodate after hour emergency situations.

Court Days
Court is on Wednesday's starting at 9:30 am until all the matters are completed.

Mine Hill
Mine Hill shares court services with Rockaway Township.  Mine Hill court days are on Wednesday in the Rockaway Township Court.