Recycling News:  For Route Information please see above and click on the “My Schedule” Tab and input your home address; here you can view or print your personalized collection calendar as well as sign up for important alerts and reminders with Rockaway Township’s ReCollect App.  Not sure how to dispose of something?  Click the tab for “Waste Wizard” and enter the material you are looking to dispose of.  Click on the “Facilities” tab for information about our locations and hours of operation.  For additional information click on the “Print Flyers” tab to learn about Single Stream Recycling, Hazardous Household Waste drop off events, and Rockaway Township’s Bulk Clean-Up and Vegetative Waste collections.

Single Stream Recycling – Curbside* collection of recycling is “single stream” or “no sort”.  This means you can put cans, bottles, newspapers and cardboard out together.  For large amounts of cardboard you may also breakdown smaller boxes and place in one large box (3 max).  Recycling can be put in toter-style cans (preferred) filled to capacity or in regular garbage cans loaded no heavier than 50 pounds each.  Please label all Recycling Cans (stickers available at Municipal Building free of charge).  With various collections of garbage, recycling and vegetative waste picked up on the same day in some cases it is very important to label your cans to ensure proper collection.  All the crews collecting the various materials appreciate your cooperation in this matter.  *Please note recycling brought to our depots is not single stream and must be separated into comingle (cans and bottles), cardboard and newspaper.

Leaf and Brush Collection will resume April – December weekly – please see "My Schedule" above and input your address for collection schedule.  Leaves must be in either brown biodegradable bags or cans labeled Vegetative Waste (stickers available at the Municipal Building free of charge), brush must be tied and bundled, no heavier than 50 pounds per bundle and cut to lengths no longer than 4 feet (branches maximum 6” diameter).

Grass Collection will resume April – December weekly, check the schedule mentioned above for collection day.  Place at curb by 6:00 a.m. of designated day.  Grass must be in either brown biodegradable bags or cans with a lid labeled Grass or Vegetative Waste.  Cans MUST be labeled.  Cans may be no heavier than 50 pounds each.  Three can maximum.

Bulk Collection / Designated Clean Up Week – One day per month residents may put out bulky items that you would not generally put out with your regular household garbage. Items may include but are not limited to – mattresses, box springs, couches, toilets, hot water heaters, dressers, end tables, etc. The collection is intended for disposing of a few pieces per month, not for emptying a house when moving or remodeling. There is a limit to the amount that can be placed curbside, generally 150 pounds per collection. Items must be able to fit into the hopper of a garbage truck and be able to be crushed. If the amount of material is excessive a dumpster or Bagster should be considered. If you have a question as to whether or not something can be put out for bulk either check the Waste Wizard (top of page) or call 973-983-2891. If you need to dispose of items that are considered unacceptable for bulk or garbage please contact the Morris County Municipal Utility Authority at 973-347-8106. Bulk collection is contracted to Waste Management in 2020 and is picked up according to their collection schedule. Please see above ReCollect app to check your collection day.
Items that are NOT Acceptable Shall Be Rejected Curbside. Some examples include: televisions, computers, computer screens, automotive parts and fluids, paint stain solvents, hazardous household materials (ammonia, chlorine, pool chemicals, cleaning agents, etc.), Glass ( Mirrors, windows, glass doors), roofing materials, medical waste, propane cylinders, large exercise equipment, sheetrock, spackle, floor tiling, acoustic ceiling tiles, house siding (asbestos, aluminum, vinyl), structural lumber (plywood , 2x4 etc., pallets, rail road ties etc.).

Inclement Weather / Holiday Recycling Collection Procedure:  Should your Recycling Collection be canceled due to inclement weather your recycling will be collected the next scheduled pick up day.  We will post cancellations of Recycling Pick Up via the ReCollect App notifications system (see above), on the Rockaway Township Facebook Page as well as the Township Website.  There is generally no make-up day when the route is canceled due to inclement weather (exceptions may apply per Rockaway Township Recycling’s discretion).  However, if your collection day falls on a holiday there is always a make-up day – please refer to the 2016 Recycling Calendar to see the dates of the collections (see above to learn how to get your personalized collection calendar).

Grass – Cut it and Leave it:  Grass Clippings are a major part of New Jersey’s municipal solid waste stream.  And like other highly recyclable materials – such as aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles and jars, paper and certain plastic bottles – recycling grass clippings helps reduce the amount of waste being collected for disposal.  As a New Jersey resident, you are already reducing the amount of waste to be landfilled by recycling a variety of materials.  You can also easily recycle the clippings generated each time you mow your lawn – and save time and money by doing so.

What Can You Do to Help? It’s really simple.  Just leave the clippings on the lawn when you mow.  Grass clippings provide a natural and healthy fertilizer for a growing lawn.

Leaves and Brush

Leaves and Brush are accepted only at the McVeigh Recycle Yard.  Rockaway Township does not accept brush over 4 inches in diameter, logs or stumps at any of it's recycling facility's. No commercial vehicles or landscapers are permitted to use any of the Rockaway Township recycling facilities.

Yard Waste
  • Yard waste cannot be mixed with garbage or recycling.
  • Leaves cannot be placed in boxes, plastic or biodegradable trash bags. Paper biodegradable bags only.
  • Grass must be placed in 3 reusable metal or plastic containers with lids per household. Not to exceed 50 pounds per container.
  • Brush and tree branches must be kept separate from leaves and grass bundled and tied. Not to exceed 150 pounds and 4 feet in length, no stumps, no branches over 6 inches in diameter.

Plastic Bags

are not accepted curb side or at our drop off locations.  Any recycling containing plastic bags will not be accepted.


of any kind is not accepted at Rockaway Township Recycling Facilities.  Placing garbage in recycling dumpsters causes recyclable loads to be rejected and incurs fines levied to Rockaway Township if brought to the MCMUA Transfer Station.

As per Rockaway Township Code 4-1.10

​ No one shall deposit or blow leaves or any type of litter onto the street, curb, catch basin or any body of water.

Contact Us

Contact Rockaway Township Department of Public Works at 973-983-2891.