Additions Permit

Building Permit Application for Additions
Please Provide the following documentation to the Construction / Zoning Department:
  1. Two copies of the property survey showing the location of the proposed addition (dimensions to scale).
  2. Indicate measurement from the closest points of setbacks.
    •   Two complete sets of plans showing the following:
      • a. Elevation drawings
      • b. Cross section
      • c. Floor plan
      • d. Foundation plan
      • e. Plumbing riser diagram
      • f. Electric plan
  3. Completed folder and subcode technical forms (may include building / fire / electric / plumbing subcode / co form and jacket.
  4. Engineering approval required for all additions.
  5. Health approval required when septic and/or well is involved.
  6. New Jersey Energy Code Compliance sheet.
  7. Proof of home builders registration from New Jersey Consumer Affairs or contact them at 888-656-6225
  8. All cover sheets on drawings must include codes used to draft drawings.