Reassessment Inspections

Division of Taxation
As part of being more proactive in the valuation of property, the Township must comply with the State, Division of Taxation requirements. The Division of Taxation requires that a municipality inspects 25% of its line items each year. The Township of Rockaway is comprised of approximately 10,000 properties. Based upon the State’s requirements, approximately 2,500 properties need to be inspected each year. This will allow the Township to implement a reassessment program when the markets change instead of waiting to be ordered by the County Tax Board and the State Division of Taxation to complete a revaluation. Letters will be sent out in advance to the areas selected to be inspected.

Property Assessment
The Township has engaged the firm of Appraisal Systems, Inc. to assist the Tax Assessment office in completing the necessary inspections. A representative of the firm will be visiting properties to check the accuracy of the current property record card. This will require exterior as well as interior inspections of each property. The representative will have identification that must be produced. Your cooperation in this process would be greatly appreciated.

Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact this office at 973-983-2819.