What is D.A.R.E. ?

D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness Resistance and Education) New Jersey works with local Law Enforcement and the educational system to bring fun and educational material about the personal and social consequences of substance abuse and violence through a curriculum that is designed for K to 12th grade.

The Rockaway Township Police offers this program to students in the 5th grade at each of our 5 elementary schools in the Township. Officers from the Police Department bring this curriculum to the students in a fun and meaningful way over a 10 week period. At the end of the program each school has a graduation program for each of the 5th grade D.A.R.E. classes and in cooperation with the Board of Education all D.A.R.E. students participate in a year end D.A.R.E. picnic with games and food provided for all.

Rockaway Township D.A.R.E. Officers 
Detective Steve Hart 

Patrol Officer Marci Greenberg 
Sergeant Matt Tanis 
Detective Matt Scherr 
Captain Robert Scherr
Community Services

The Rockaway Township Police Department provides many services for our community. These services include tours of the Police Department, Community Policing events, National Night Out, Child Fingerprinting, Good Conduct Letters, Vacant House Checks, Ride Along Program and Internships to Students to name a few. If you are interested in any of these programs see the links below or you can call (973) 625-4000 option 5.
Morris Family Justice Center

Morris Family Justice Center

Use Link:
The Morris Family Justice Center (MFJC) provides the services a survivor of domestic violence, dating abuse and sexual assault needs in ONE place—counseling, protection, legal and immigration assistance, children’s services, and more.
Firearms Applications/ID Cards

The Rockaway Township Police Department process Firearms applications for permits and ID cards through the Detective Bureau. Most of these forms can be found here below, however the SBI-212A from - Request for Criminal History Record Information must be submitted electronically to the State Police utilizing the link https:/ and ORI NJ0143500. This form is required for any change in firearms applications, renewals, and/or all handgun purchases. Complete packets are available at the Police Desk. Here are some of the forms:
Traffic Bureau

The Traffic Bureau is tasked with the enforcement of traffic regulations. Such responsibilities include the enforcement of traffic laws, regulation of commercial vehicles, roadway signage and maintenance of statistical data with regard to traffic volume throughout the Township. The overall goal of the Traffic Bureau is that of voluntary compliance with posted speed limits and overall traffic laws and regulations as promulgated by the State of New Jersey and the Township of Rockaway. When voluntary adherence to motor vehicle laws and regulations fail, the Traffic Bureau initiates the three "E's" of Traffic Regulation:

•Evaluation - to determine the scope of the problem

•Education - to educate the motoring public on specific laws as they apply to the area - i.e. speed education trailer

•Enforcement - when education fails or requires further enforcement, officers will enforce motor vehicle laws through the issuance of motor vehicle summonses.

The Traffic Bureau also performs several "behind the scenes" functions such as speed analysis studies, signage request studies, and other specialized details as needed to keep the streets of Rockaway Township safe.

Here are some helpful links that provide information regarding some laws and regulations and also a form that can be utilized to report a specific Traffic Related request.
Internal Affairs

The below information is provided for any person who wishes to log a complaint against any member of the Police Department. We encourage any citizen who has any complaint against any member of the Police Department to bring the complaint forward so it may be investigated.