Become a Firefighter

Personnel & Area Serviced

There are 5 volunteer fire companies serving Rockaway Township manned by an average of 110 volunteers who are trained in Fire Fighting. They protect 43 square miles in northwestern New Jersey. Our Township is diverse in topography and demographics, the northern part is mountainous and rural, the southern part is more suburban including a 2 million square foot regional mall.

Note: The only good smoke detector is one that works.

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The Rockaway Township Fire Department is always looking for qualified applicants. You can contact the fire headquarters office at 973-983-2865 for an application, print an online, or stop by a fire house near you and ask what it is all about.


  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • In good physical shape
  • Attend regularly scheduled meetings and drills
  • Answer alarms
  • Attend the required Firefighter training course