Stormwater Management for Developers

As a developer in Rockaway Township it is important to know these local requirements to protect our waters:

  • All "Major Development" must comply with Rockaway Township Stormwater Management Ordinance
  • If a development of disturbed an area greater than 5,000 square feet, a Plan Certification is required from the Morris County Soil Conservation District (MCSCD). The MCSCD reviews construction plans to ensure that proper conservation measures are included and that they are in compliance with the New Jersey Standards for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control.
  • In accordance with the NJDEP's Stormwater Mangement Rule, Stormwater BMP's shall have oPeration and Maintenance Manuals containing the responsible party and shall be recorded with the deed of the property.
  • Dumpsters and other refuse containers that are outdoors or exposed to stormwater must be covered at all times and shall prevent spilling, dumping, leaking or other discharge of liquids, semi-liquids or solids from containers
  • Existing storm drain inlets on private property must be retrofitted when in direct contact with any repaving, repairing, resurfacing or direct contact with any reconstruction or alteration of facilities. These retrofit standards can be found under Attachment C - Design Standards for Storm Drain Inlets
  • The spilling, dumping or disposal of materials other than stormwater to the Municipal storm sewer system is prohibited.

Additional Stormwater Related Ordinances