Financial Review Board

From the Township Code (Chapter II) 2-35.8 Powers. 

The Review Board shall be governed by and shall have such powers as are conferred upon it by this section. More specifically, the Board shall have authority to: 

a. Prepare a Financial Master Plan: Prepare, adopt and amend or revise a master plan for the Township in accordance with sound and good business or municipal financial practices. 

b. Do Continuing Financial Planning: Assemble data on a continuing basis as part of a continuous planning process and review the annual audit report. 

c. Financial Investigations. At the request of the Council, investigate any financial matter. 

d. Review of Auditor’s Engagement Agreement. Review yearly the current validity of the Auditor’s Engagement Agreement.


  • Brian Wittig, Chairperson
  • Jeremy Jedynak, At- Large Councilman
  • Lisa Palmieri, CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Vincent La Iacona, Vice Chairperson
  • Roger Francis, Recording Secretary
  • Daniel Goscicki
  • Joe Simon