What information is needed to set up my ride?

When calling to schedule an appointment, please have ready: The day of the appointment, the date of the appointment and the time of the appointment. We will need the doctor’s name, address and telephone number. We ask that the resident is ready 1 hour before their scheduled appointment. If your appointment with the doctor is scheduled for 10 AM, we ask that you are ready by 9 AM. A driver will be there any time within the hour. Dial-A-Ride will give each resident 1 hour for their appointment unless specified differently. If your appointment is for 11 AM we will automatically come back for you at Noon. If you need more time, this information should be given at the time you set up your appointment with the office. All appointments much be finished by 2 PM in Morristown and 3 PM. locally. If your time should go beyond the time scheduled, we may not be able to give you a return trip home.

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4. What information is needed to set up my ride?
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