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1. Where can I find the recycling and bulk schedule?
2. How do I dispose of electronic items?
3. With the new single stream recycling program, can I really deposit cans, bottles, newspapers, cardboard all together in one container for curbside pickup?
4. I am a little confused about the disposal of newspapers for curbside pickup. How can I dispose of them?
5. Are the Recycling Centers single stream like curbside pick-up?
6. How do I dispose of batteries?
7. Who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the sidewalk in front of my home?
8. Where does my responsibility stop for the water service to my house?
9. During a snow storm the snow plow damaged my curb. Will the Township repair it?
10. How do I get a copy of the water quality for the Rockaway Water System?
11. When do I need to call for an Underground mark-out, to locate different utilities? (water, sewer, electric, gas, telephone, cable)
12. How do I dispose of paint?
13. Do you accept tires?
14. How do I dispose of motor oil?
15. How do I pay my Water Utility bill online?