I am thinking of opening a restaurant. How do I obtain for a retail food license?
To serve food to the public in Rockaway Township, you must first complete an application to operate a retail food establishment, and the application must be accompanied by professionally prepared plans. The plans must include the proposed layout, and all mechanical components, materials and finishes to be provided.

Applicants must also provide all equipment specifications, the name of the exterminator that will be providing monthly service, plus evidence any State-mandated food handler / manager training that is required, depending on the type of food establishment. Applicants also must advise the Division of Health of the restaurant’s water source (i.e., private well / public) and the type of sewage disposal system that will be used, in the event a septic design must be submitted and reviewed along with the application.

Per N.J.A.C. 8:24, the State’s retail food code, the Division of Health then has 30 days to review the application. If the application and accompanying plans are in compliance with code and if any other necessary approvals are obtained from other Township departments (i.e., Planning, Zoning, Construction), approval will be granted by the Division of Health. Approximately 2 weeks prior to opening, the Division of Health must be contacted to schedule a preopening inspection.

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3. I am thinking of opening a restaurant. How do I obtain for a retail food license?
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