The Rockaway Township Division of Health provides a wide variety of services:
  • Administrative
  • Animal control
  • Clinical
  • Educational
  • Environmental
In accordance with state-mandated programs, administrative codes and statutes.

Health Division Staff

The Division of Health is staffed with:
  • Health Officer
  • Registered Environmental Health Specialists
  • Public Health Nurses
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Health Educator
  • Support Staff

Town of Boonton

In addition, the Division of Health provides public health services to the Town of Boonton through a shared services agreement. The Town of Boonton is staffed with a full-time Registered Environmental Health Specialist, full-time Public Health Nurse and administrative support staff, whose activities are overseen by Rockaway's Health Officer per state code.

Health Screening & Clinics

The Division of Health takes pride in its many free and discounted health screenings and clinics. These programs are offered at various times throughout the year, and screenings include a:
  • Diabetes screening
  • Female and male cancer screenings
  • Flu/pneumonia clinics
  • Semiannual cholesterol/blood chemistry clinic

Nurse Responsibilities

The nursing staff is also responsible for:
  • Adult exercise classes
  • Childhood lead poisoning follow-up
  • Communicable disease investigation and reporting
  • Many other services

Free Services

The Division of Health also offers free monthly cardiovascular screenings, free skin cancer screenings and free health promotion seminars to residents on topics such as stress management, diabetes, nutrition and parenting. The Township participates in the federal Vaccines for Children program, and eligible infants and children may receive free vaccinations and physicals through the Division of Health's monthly child health conference services.


The Division of Health investigates public health complaints, inspects retail food establishments and takes samples of food, potable and non-potable water for bacterial analysis. In addition, Division of Health staff licenses and inspects public pools, beaches, day camps and child care centers. Air and noise pollution enforcement is performed collaboratively between the Division of Health, the Police Department, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the Morris County office of Public Health Management.

Contact Us

Please check back regularly for information and announcements regarding upcoming Division of Health Programs and events. Residents with questions pertaining to public and environmental health matters may contact the Division of Health at 973-983-2848.